Renee is a Florida State Licensed Massage Therapist (MA52569) and is certified as a 200 hour Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance .  Along with her love for yoga, she also has a love for the sea and has been licensed by the US Coast Guard as a 50 Ton Master Captain and an Advanced Level Sailing Instructor with the American Sailing Association. Renee is a certified Life Coach and offers Guidance and Consulting in topics such as Health, Wellness, Divorce, Family, Homeschooling and Raising Healthy Children.

Renee is thankful to be a Breast Cancer Survivor!   



There is nothing Renee is more passionate about than families and children! After surviving a divorce and reuniting with her husband Renee was on top of the world.  Shortly after having a mastectomy, she and her husband separated again for the second time.  Renee has insight into divorce and what negative impacts it has on families and our communities.  She does NOT advocate for divorce, however when divorce is necessary it can be obvious.  Renee can help to consult you in order to stay safe and make rational choices that won't cost you your life savings. Don't learn the hard way, but instead learn from the experience of others at this trying time.

Consulting sessions are available at a reasonable fee in order to assist parents who are not ready to spend thousands of wasted dollars on Mediators and Lawyers.  

Consulting sessions are also available to couples or families who have conflict and seek a reasonable means to resolve conflict by using a goal oriented, plan based model to restructure and regroup your life.

This is by no means legal advise, but rather a way to sit down together and work on ways to resolve conflicts and save families money when they find themselves considering divorce.  Renee offers this service because she has seen the financially devastating impacts of divorce and battling over child custody.  She offers guidance and support at a reasonable fee and of course prayers that your family can either sort out their differences or separate in a mature, adult manner without causing unnecessary pain to parents and children.  We all deserve a chance to enjoy peace and joy in life.  Divorce is anything but peaceful.  Take part in these sessions in order to keep more joy in your life during a painful time.   


Many families seek counseling when they separate.  Coaching is something Renee firmly believe in and She's gladly enjoyed the luxury of coaching and counseling during difficult times.   While you work to rebuild your life, having some reasonable and rational guidance can save your health, your wallet and your life in many ways.


Renee has been homeschooling her child ifor over 5 years.  Homeschooling doesn't have to start in Pre-K or Kindergarten.  It starts as soon as your children start discovering the world around them.  As soon as they can start learning, you can start teaching.  

Renee offers a variety of services such as tutoring, homeschool preparation assistance and consulting, classes for kids and families.  For children who have various disabilities, Renee offers a variety of Gentle Touch Therapies (often referred to as Massage Therapy, although these are not much like what we call a typical "massage"), which helps to stimulate the nervous system into much needed "Rest and Digest" rather than a very negative and too common "Fight or Flight". Renee is a caring and loving individual who has a heart for children and teaching.  


You'll discover Renee's passion for massage therapy and bodywork modalities immediately.  She combines therapy styles to meet clients needs for well being, pain relief and relaxation.  Although many people ask for deep massage work, Renee believes in the lighter touch modalities that instigate health through activating the parasympathetic nervous system and bringing the body into a natural state of much needed "rest and digest" as opposed to the all too common "fight or flight" response.  It is in this rest and digest phase of the parasympathetic nervous system that the body can do a great deal of natural healing work, while your body regains its natural resting state.  

Gaining her initial massage license in New York with 1000 hours of training at the Finger Lakes School of Massage, she moved her business to Florida in 2008.  She's been doing massage for 13 years and has built her practice around certifications in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Shiatsu, Reiki, Cupping, Swedish, Craniosacral Therapy, Reflexology, Trager Method, Connective Tissue Therapy, Myofacial Release, Thai Yoga Massage, Seated Corporate Massage at offices and conventions, and Aromatherapy.  


Finding yoga a natural draw for most of her life, she's been practicing yoga for almost 30 years.  It started with a pile of library books, visits to bookstores, videos of all kinds and a personal practice while traveling in near and far places. She is always open to trying any and all styles of yoga and enjoys learning new things as her practice evolves. 

One thing Renee always brought along while traveling is a yoga mat and a keen eye for an available space to get some quiet time for yoga and peace no matter where she goes.  Over the years of living aboard boats between New York, Florida, the Great Lakes and the Islands, she's always had special space on or near her floating homes for yoga and meditation.  She was especially inspired by a book she received as a gift about doing yoga on board a boat!  There was no better path toward the peacefulness of yoga than traveling by boat and living aboard.  The serene life of living aboard lent itself to seek and fall in love with yoga and the yoga lifestyle.  Over the years Renee spent a great deal of time camping, hiking and exploring the natural beauty of the earth between the northeast, Florida and Montana, which was a perfect invitation to grow deeper in her yoga practice.

Renee has found that yoga has had a monumental impact on her healing process during recovery from a full mastectomy and breast reconstruction after a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2017.  It is with immense gratitude that she has the honor of devoting a large portion of her life to yoga as she constantly moves in a direction of greater peace within.  

Renee teaches Energizing Gentle and Hatha Yoga as well as classes designed for Seniors and fun family classes for kids of all ages.  Her enthusiasm and dedication to the yoga lifestyle is contagious.  Look for her beach and waterfront outdoor yoga classes and health/happiness workshops


​Sailing program is currently on hold due to covid

For many years Renee has led women's groups on sailing excursions, charters, instructional lessons toward certification and is the Founder of the International Women's Sailing Association. She's held annual conferences for women to learn basic and advanced sailing skills and to find confidence on the water and beyond.  

Renee's programs include classes for women and groups of tweens/teens on live aboard instructional excursions or day sailing instruction and charters.  Her enthusiasm toward teaching and guiding groups of women and individuals of all ages has been a lifelong path.  

Join some of Renee's Health and Wellness Retreats or Workshops to learn more about her journey to health, happiness and increased faith.  

Renee's passion for health, wellness, fitness and family makes our programs fulfilling, successful and fun!

Renee Simpson