Dates:  March through May, June through August, Sept through November
Where: Online: via your computer.  You can join our private Facebook group to stay connected and communicate with classmates if you choose.  If you don't use Facebook class updates will be available through our website login or email.


All classes and demonstrations will be available via live and recorded video sessions that will be available to view at your convenience via our Private Facebook Group page, website or via email. Work at your own pace, but accountability is a big part of this program.  Watch recorded sessions if you can't join live.  Share info and ask questions.

  • Gentle Yoga class
  • Guided Meditation 
  • Sound Therapy
  • Thai Yoga Massage demo
  • Walking Nature Meditation
  • Presentations on video with a new health and happiness growth topic each week. 
  • Nutrition information on health for happiness as well as detailed lists for shopping healthy, recipes, meal plans, recommendations for you and your family, detailed information on eating to avoid cancer.

Online Class session (3 months): $79

Online Class package, 3 per year (one year): ONLY $199

(That's Only $8.25 per month!)


Renee Simpson: Breast Cancer Survivor and Health Advocate, Licensed Massage Therapist, 200 RYT Yoga Alliance Instructor, Life Coach, USCG 50 Ton Master Captain and ASA Sailing Instructor.  

Renee has over 20 years of experience teaching and guiding groups in activities, classes and workshops of many kinds.  This includes 15 years of sailing instruction for large and small group.  Renee has lead educational activities with various age groups in topics from faith based education to tutoring as well as guiding groups on health retreats, yoga classes and massage instruction.

As a metastatic breast cancer survivor her focus has shifted toward offering community education on health topics that can help to avoid cancer, disease, and poor health, as well as assist cancer survivors to lead a healthier life through nutrition, preventative health care and mindfulness.


A NEW LIFE IN ONE YEAR. Don't miss this journey of a lifetime with our online class series.  Each quarter you will find health and happiness information that you NEED to have life you've dreamed of.  

Don't waste time trying to "figure out" what to do anymore.  Join us here for a new direction that will give results and improvements you've been dreaming of.  


Defining your goals

Outlining your future success

Knowing where you've been and where you're going

Living your dream and mapping your life

Secrets of staying healthy in a busy world

Using the resources around you to stop the "crazy" busy
Amazing tips in easy daily self care to boost health
Food as medicine
Sleep to help what ails you
How to fit it all in, making a plan and commitment

Allowing yourself peace, space and time 
Your vision evaluation

Making checklists for success

Modifying your goals as needed
Nutrition 101 - The easy stuff
Nutrition 1001 - The real stuff
Food preparation and how to make it simple and easy

Grocery shopping lists to make it easier
Secrets in managing your healthy new lifestyle
7 EASY Tips in eating healthy on the go
How to say no to unhealthy habits
Sticking to it now and always
Being accountable

Knowing when to say no

Celebrating your successes daily, weekly, monthly and annually

Being realistic when goals aren't met

Being realistic and staying strong as life changes unexpectedly
Fitting it in to your busy life by asking for help
Yoga, Meditation, Fitness and Your Health
Self Care the easy way - A routine

Self Care methods you can do cheap and easily every day
Get the most out of your day and relax more
Supplements - What and Why
How much exercise is enough - How to get it
Building your life - Your own practice of health and joy

Making the plan to fit your goal

Following through with the plan
Maintaining your new amazing life


You'll receive top quality and reliable information, education, resources and facts that will inspire you. You'll have the means to make your own solid plan and I'll be on your tail to help you stay accountable.  
Methods and Resources:
Online Facebook Group including discussions with group, videos, conversations, workbook, resources, weekly video presentations on new weekly topics, daily inspiration messages and fitness guides for health, simple workouts, yoga instruction and meditations.  Daily inspiration and motivation that will keep you pushing toward your goals of a new life successfully.


Each participant will receive one 30 minute consultation to help guide you in your vision, set your goals and make the plan to reach them. This will be done after we cover some of the basics and you've been a part of at least 3 weeks of the workshop.  If you follow along with the personal independent work you will be able to begin the formation of your plan from day one and you'll be well on your way to presenting me with your ideas by the time we reach your personal coaching session. 


There will be homework for you to do on your own. This homework is for your own personal growth and will guide you on your own personal journey naturally. You will not submit work or answers to anyone but yourself. You'll learn to be accountable to yourself and trust that you know inside what is the best path for you. My job is to coach and guide you to follow it and stick to it. You'll be given so many reasons and methods that it will seem like second nature once we're done.  



Instead of reading a book, engage with others and have a personal coach guiding you through the process of your transformation. You'll be guided and coached through ways to make your day start fresh every morning. Words of encouragement, resources for strength and health no matter what your situation, and the accountability of being a part of a group that has the same goals.  Don't miss this opportunity to get involved in a group that will connect with you, grow with you and be a part of your positive change that starts today and lasts for the rest of your life.

It's been said that if you can change a habit for 30 days it becomes natural and you don't have to try at it. You just do it.   

You will get invaluable feedback and lessons from your instructor as well as other students along with a bond formed with others you're learning and growing with. Form friendships and gain accountability from the group to achieve your goals and a pat on the back as you take leaps and bounds together. Some online courses just take your money and there is no one there to keep you motivated and accountable.  This is different and better!

Ask questions and interact with the class participants in a way that brings it all to life. Share your own stories and help others gain headway in their journeys as well. Reach your goals by making a real plan and not finishing this course without having a concrete plan for the year, on paper and in hand. That's how a REAL plan is put into action. Start now and get your life underway the way you've always dreamed.

No one ever says, I'm glad I didn't start taking care of myself sooner.

It's the best time ever to get yourself in the condition you want inside and out.  

Make this year count and you won't just have a great year, you'll have a GREAT NEW LIFE before you know it! Get inspired by your coach and reach for the stars and beyond.  

Learn Online

We use Facebook and YouTube as a platform to create a community of learners.  This system is great as we use a Private Group for just the class we are working on.  You can join a class at any time.  If you choose to participate that's great, if you just want to observe the communications of class interactions or recorded videos that's fine too.  These options offer you a way to learn and get involved with others as you learn or remain independent in your study if you wish. 


Learning in the privacy of your own home through online courses allows flexibility.  Our courses allow you to connect with a community of learners if you choose or to be completely independent.