Retreats are more than a class or a workshop.  They are a way to really dig into a topic and immerse  yourself in it. We make each retreat filled with ways to enhance many areas of your life.  Join us and renew!

​​​​​​Outdoor Day Retreats


Health and Happiness, Restoration,

Yoga and Meditation for Women


TIME:   See date for exact times. Morning and evening retreats are available. 

Bring your mat and a dream! 


  • Light, healthy snacks (special needs diets are not included)
  • Gentle Yoga class
  • Meditation 
  • Sound Therapy
  • Thai Yoga massage demo
  • Walking meditation 
  • One Free Yoga class at our studio classes
  • Presentations on exciting health topics.

Registration limited to 10 participants.  Register early to save your space.

One person: $89

Two people: $139

3 Month Membership: $199 (attend one per month for 3 months)

Health Topic discussions may include one or more of the following. See schedule for dates to see which topics will be the highlight of the days presentation:

Food as Medicine: “Finding your way to an alkaline diet and why it’s so important for your body and health”. This includes lists of what foods to eat or avoid and amazing, easy recipes for preparing healthy food for your life no matter how busy you are. 

Self Care: With our busy lifestyles there are some simple secrets of self care that you can easily fit into your routine. You can also learn how to commit to this routine and say goodbye to things that distract you from taking care of yourself the best you can. Easy and straightforward tips for sticking with it will make your life in 2018 better than ever!

Eating and Thinking for a Cancer Free Life: Choosing healthy foods you never knew about and everyday eating for a healthy and cancer free life. Includes ways to incorporate yoga, exercise, meditation and calming breathing techniques that will give you the information you need to live a life filled with the peace and joy we all desire. Meditations on mindfulness for your health.

Food Combining: You'll enjoy gaining valuable knowledge on food combining for better digestion, food choices, grocery shopping preparation and how to clear out the junk in your cupboards now that the holidays are over. There will get homework that will helps you stay accountable


This 50 minute Gentle Yoga class is appropriate for beginners and anyone with little to no yoga experience or knowledge. Our retreat is perfect for women of all ages. No matter your age, you’ll find something for you! It's a great way to test the waters of yoga or immerse yourself in a sweet and kind gentle practice to renew. Find out how to use simple mantras and mudras to stay balanced and serene. 


Various sound therapy instruments and techniques are used to soothe and relax the mind and body, while bringing the parasympathetic nervous system into a state of comfort and much needed rest and digest.  We will use these and more: Singing and crystal bowl, chime, tingshas, harp, gongs, percussion instruments, a thunder tube, and rainsticks.

Learn about getting balanced and how to check in with your body daily to keep yourself vibrant and energetic through any situation.

Take this time to yourself to get centered and ready to improve your life by learning techniques in mindfulness, meditation, restoration, yoga, and self care along with ways to keep your eating habits healthy and under control in every day of your life, even holidays! Nutrition for a long, healthy life is our focus. 

Join me and some extraordinary women for a day of health, restoration and a focus on wellness, inner peace, happiness and self care to prepare for this year and a new life for years to come. 

Give yourself or a loved one a gift of this special day or share it with a friend. 

Led by Renee Simpson, Breast Cancer Survivor, RYT 200 hour Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance, Licensed Massage Therapist and US Coast Guard Master Captain. 


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